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Agent Patrol

As actors, we often become so eager to move our careers forward, that we easily place our trust in anyone's hands. We forget how valuable we actually are.  I am here to remind you that you are the talent and talent agencies cannot survive without you. Take your time and make sure the team you are building not only wants you, but YOU want them. Over the years I have developed a unique process in attracting representation that puts the power in both the hands of the actor as well as the agent/manager. If you are seeking representation and have no clue where to begin, or you have had experience and look to move on, my 3 step "Agent Patrol" process is sure to help you.


We begin the process with a free consultation to determine what it is you are looking for.


With what we discussed in our consulation, we begin to actively research whom you'd like to be represented by to see if they are indeed a good fit for you. We then finalize the list of agent/managers of whom you will submit.


The best part of the process! We put together custom packages for those we are submitting. I help with the design and style of each package.

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