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J. Mallory McCree produces and stars in Mr. Talented, a short-film that explores the complexities of mental illness while being an artist. Click to view website.

J. Mallory McCree is featured in Elle Magazine March 2017

J. Mallory McCree is Sekou Bah on Season 6 of Homeland.

J. Mallory McCree stars in "From Nowhere", the SXSW 2016 Narrative spotlight Audience Award Winner.  McCree plays the lead role of "Moussa" in the indie drama. directed by Matthew Newton; written by Kate Ballen. The film chronicles three intelligent undocumented highschoolers as they fight to gain political asylum in America, hoping for the chance to attend college. from Nowhere stars Denis O'hare and Julianne Nicholson. 

'From Nowhere' has received rave reviews becoming the New York Time's Critics pick of the week and expanding to over 20 markets from its 2 theater premiere.


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