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The Business of our Business

As a professional working actor,  I have been asked by many what my keys to success are. The first thing I tell people, "I love the business of our business". I honestly do!  Of course I would love to just act, but like any profession, artists must know the ins and outs so that we can do just that - ACT! There is no linear way to achieve success in this business, but there are tools to help get you there. Below you will find that I offer career coaching and website design. Both services are designed for you to capitalize on your talent!

Career Coaching
Career coaching is designed not only to help you reach your potential as an artist, but more importantly to make sure the artist works! So you know how to act. Now what? You have all these agents/managers interested in representing you, who do you choose? You don't have an agent at all, how do you get one? You love/hate your agent, what do you do next? All questions I have been asked and have asked myself. Well, I am here to help you answer these questions and guide you along your way. Click link below to view coaching packages.


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Web Design
IIn today's market, it has become a necessary tool for an artist to have a website.  This is so that producers, casting directors, agents, managers, and all sorts of industry folk can quickly assess your look, skill, and even personality. I design websites so that those elements are recognized immediately. With a simple yet sleek design, you are sure to attract the proper attention. Click link below to view professional artists sites that I have designed.


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