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What to Wear?!

Wondering what to wear for those headshots? You have successfully acquired a meeting with an agent; better yet you are meeting with the studio execs at ABC, what in the world do you wear?! At some point in this business it becomes about BRANDING yourself. How do you make yourself stand out from the drones of actors? What makes you unique? Along with my passion for fashion, and having worked for such leading brands as J.Crew and Hollister,  I have been able to carve out a unique image for myself that surrounds my personality but also intrigues the industry.  Allow me to do the same for you! 

Personal Closet

We take time to go through your personal closet and decide on looks that enhance your image.


You and I spend time shopping and putting together looks.  If you are striving for Bergdorf Goodman but only have an H&M budget, we can still achieve the same look.

Personal Shopping

I personally go out and choose garments that define your image no matter the budget.

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